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Finding Mindful Minis was one of my families biggest blessings. This program has literally changed our lives.

Abigail's Mom

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"Mindful minis has had a profound effect on Abigail. I immediately noticed positive changes. Abigail started to take what she had learned in the class and applying it to her life. While she still has big feelings about many things, she now has an emotional toolbox to deal with them.  Instead of reacting to disappointment or anger she learned to breath, to focus."

 "We had a very positive experience, Ramzy looked forward to class every week and was always sharing what he learnt with friends outside of class. What I liked the most is how Lauren broke very complicated topics into manageable pieces that the kids could understand and relate to. I would recommend this class to friends."


"My daughter cannot WAIT for Mindful Mini day! She loves the flow of the class and comes home still doing the moves and breathing. Children are a magnet to Lauren's gentle spirit! We were blessed to have had this experience."



"I just wanted to send a quick note to express how great I think the mindful minis class is so far for my son... We have used the breathing rainbow daily since you send it out, including for our five year old daughter... Thank you so much for giving us some new tools to teach the kids mindfulness and calming techniques!"

—  Name, Title


"The most obvious change that I see in my children since engaging in private coaching with Lauren is their awareness around their emotions and their ability to use their words to express them. What I loved about Lauren’s approach was that she was incredibly relatable - the girls immediately connected with her and they always felt extremely comfortable to express how they were feeling. Another huge benefit of the program was that Lauren was so communicative with me about what she was sharing with the girls each week and her approach to learning so that I could then parlay those skills into everyday life. Not only was it of huge benefit to gain insight into their sentiments, but to also have a clear understanding of how to assist them in executing on the skills that Lauren was introducing each week. I would highly recommend Mindful Minis private coaching for any family, especially given these uncertain and precarious times, as Lauren’s methodologies provide a calming backbone for management of highly complex emotions. "

—  Name, Title


"This class helped me because I used to always get mad at things, and now I feel like I don’t.”

Mary, Private Coaching Student

"Wow. My brain really needed this stretch after my MCAS prep!"

Ameera, Mindful Mini Bud

"I really loved your classes, they were really nice. Thank you!"

Zoe, Mindful Mini Sprout

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